Black Heart Breakers play hard and work even harder. This no bullshit mentality has led them to opening up for legends such as Marky Ramone, Stiff Little Fingers, Ruts DC and Australia’s own Radio Birdman, all in between their own tours and hundreds of shows. Tough guitars, tougher lyrics, and a sweaty band room make Black Heart Breakers feel at home.

Their debut album was applauded by punk rock communities across the globe before ever playing a show. This was followed by a double single ‘I Want You’ and a unique cover of the Beach Boys’ ‘Barbara Ann’. In 2017 Black Heart Breakers teamed up with newly established label Cottonmouth Records to release an exclusive five track vinyl called ‘Wasted’. It was recorded by Mo Maihem (Hell City Glamours, Mucho Sonar) in Avalon and Mixed by Dan Dixon (Biters, Wyldlife). This EP packed a quick punch and is unmistakably noticed for its remarkable artwork by Ben Brown (Cosmic Psychos, Airborne, Pixies).

Black Heart Breakers have never been afraid to wear their influences on their sleeve proudly, loving everything from the Ramones, The Living End, The Angels and The Clash.

In 2018 Black Heart Breakers jumped into the studio with producer Daniel Antix (Gay Paris, Sound Of Seasons, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate) to record ‘Rotting Out’. This six track EP introduces a tighter, slicker and meaner sound than previous efforts. ‘Rotting Out’ was received with great acclaim with Save Me, Melody and Why Not Me being played by Rodney Bingenheimer in LA, as well as countless local Australian stations. Real Gone Rocks had to say "If you like punk that delivers guts and melody in one quick hit, Black Heart Breakers are for you," and “It deserves to be heard” from the I-94 bar. In support of this new EP the boys headed out on another tour. Whether in rural Dubbo, the sunny Gold Coast, or freezing in Melbourne, Black Heart Breakers deliver a hell of a show and always win over the crowd.


In between drinks Black Heart Breakers are constantly honing their live performance, songwriting, and musicianship and are wasting no time waiting to get discovered. But don’t just take it from us, here’s what some legends have had to say;

“See them live, they are KILLER” – Raymond Ahn (Hard Ons)


“Very cool young band, driving sound!” – Murray Cook (Wiggles, Cockroaches)

“Rotting Out is beyond amazing” – Rodney Bingenheimer (KROQ, Los Angeles)

“You boys will definitely go far one day, I can feel it” – Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman)

“Buy their records, go see them live and brace yourself for complete rock n roll mayhem from one of the best “new” bands I’ve seen in a very long time!” - Johnny Kannis (HITMEN DTK)

(c) Black Heart Breakers 2019